Commercial Overhead Door Greenfield Wisconsin

Commercial Overhead door Greenfield Wisconsin

Commercial Overhead Door Service Greenfield

There are many types of overhead garage doors in Greenfield Wisconsin. From single residential car garage doors, to commercial overhead doors, Greenfield WI Garage Door Repair can fix all of them. But when it comes to commercial garage door in Greenfield Wisconsin, the service become more serious, and it required (Besides great knowledge in the garage door service field) special tools and parts that allow us to deal with any type of overhead garage door in Greenfield, commercial and industrial.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Greenfield

When an overhead garage door get stuck, and it doesn’t matter if it is a commercial garage door in Kenosha County, or a garage door repair in Greenfield, the first you should do is to stop using it, and to contact a local garage door company who offer same day garage door services in your area. Many times when we arrive to service a commercial garage door in Greenfield, we discover that beside the problem which prevented the garage door from working in the first place, there are more problems which accrued due to repeat trying to operate the door although it is broken. In most cases, if you will try to force the garage door opener to open or close the door, instead of using a garage door service in Greenfield, you will burn the opener, something that eventually will lead to a bigger damage and as result to a repair that will take longer, and that will cost you more. And as the owner of a business in Greenfield Wisconsin, you probably know the value of a garage door which operate perfectly, and that doesn’t require a garage door expert in Wisconsin to come and fix it every other month.

Industrial overhead door Greenfield

Commercial Garage Door Spring Greenfield

Broken commercial garage door spring is a common problem that we need to deal with on a daily base while servicing commercial garage doors in Greenfield. Most commercial garage doors in Wisconsin are equipped with torsion spring system, which is the preferred spring system for commercial overhead doors in Greenfield. When one (or both) of the springs snapped, or if the spring is not adjust correctly, there is nothing much you can do except contacting a garage door company in Greenfield who specialize in commercial garage doors repairs.
The commercial garage doors in Wisconsin often require custom made torsion springs, to fit a heavy duty garage door. Do not think to locate a home depot, or a local hardware store in Greenfield and purchase springs for your garage door from them. Those kind of springs cannot be found in Home Depot, or other hardware store in Greenfield since it require a garage door specialist who can deal with heavy duty overhead door with a broken spring.
We carry with us springs for many overhead doors in Greenfield Wisconsin, and we may also carry with us the required spring to repair your garage door. But in some cases, especially when it is a case of a commercial heavy duty garage door in Greenfield, we may need to measure and weigh the overhead door, and to come back with the needed spring. But there is no need to worry. As we did with all overhead garage doors in Greenfield Wisconsin that we repaired, we will give you a temporary solution, until we return with the spring for the replacement. Most likely, within a day if you are located in Greenfield and you are local to us.

Spring replacement Greenfield

Every commercial garage door in Greenfield need its own size of springs. And the exact size of spring. There is no “maybe” or “almost” when it comes to commercial garage door springs. If you will install the wrong spring, or if you will use the right spring but won’t install it correctly, it can be dangerous. So let us do what we do best, which is to replace commercial torsion springs in Greenfield Wisconsin.
Just like the residential garage doors, the commercial overhead doors work with the help of the spring system, and that system is what make it easy to use even the heaviest overhead doors without the help of the electric operator. But when the spring break, even the electric operator will not help, since the door need the force of the springs to make the door work. If you own a garage door in Greenfield, in Wisconsin, commercial, residential, or industrial, never try to open or close it if the spring broke. The spring need to be replaced first, and only then the door will be safe for use again. We offer same day spring replacement in Greenfield Wisconsin, and we can replace any broken garage door spring, even for the heaviest commercial overhead doors in Greenfield.

Commercial overhead door Greenfield

Out of track commercial overhead door repair

If your commercial overhead door in Greenfield went out of its tracks, call us now for a same day service in Greenfield. It may seem attempting just to push and force the roller back into the tracks, and it may temporary solve the problem, but you shouldn’t do that. There is a reason why the garage door went out of its tracks. And pushing the roller back into the track will not solve the problem, and can put people who use the door at risk. Remember that the rollers inside the tracks are what holding the door, and when the rollers coming out of the tracks, the door can fall down, and you can imagine how dangerous a garage door in Greenfield that weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds may be.
With our same day commercial garage door services, Greenfield WI Garage Door Repair can fix your broken commercial overhead door today.

Safety is the most important!

When we are used to use something daily, we forget that when it breaks it can be dangerous. We always tell our customers, if there is a problem, let the professional deal with it. Things that may seem simple for you to repair may be much more complicated than it may seem, and vice versa, sometime it may seem like a big deal to you, but it is actually very simple to solve. And after servicing thousands of garage doors in Wisconsin during the last 20 years, we have the ability to provide solution for every commercial garage door, whether in Greenfield or an industrial door in Wisconsin.

The key to a good commercial garage door in Greenfield

If you would like your commercial garage door in Greenfield to continue and work in a safe way, and to avoid the need for garage door repair service every other month, you need to make sure that a pro will maintain your garage door at least every 6 months. Although a residential garage door maintenance is a relatively simple process, a commercial garage door maintenance require deeper knowledge, and perfect understanding of the garage doors and the way they operates, since a commercial garage door maintenance isn’t the place for guessing and assuming. And besides, the commercial garage door maintenance isn’t just lubricating the moving parts, but it also involve safety check and inspecting the door. There are online tutorials that explain how to maintain a garage door, but note that they refer to residential garage doors, which maintaining them can be done in a do-it-yourself way, unlike the commercial garage doors in Greenfield which require special tools and parts that cannot be found at any store.
Just take as example 2 basic tools that without them you cannot maintain a commercial garage door in Greenfield: Long leather and set of torsion sticks. Any attempt to improvise, and replace the torsion spring sticks with something else can result with injury.

Commercvial overhead tprsion spring Greenfield

Commercial Overhead opener Greenfield

Most commercial garage doors in Wisconsin are automated, and include an electric garage opener. If you are experiencing hard time operating your overhead door in Greenfield automatically, you may assume that there is something wrong with the opener, when it may actually be a different reason. The way the overhead doors in Wisconsin operate is when the spring system lifting and lowering the door, and the opener is only doing a relatively small amount of lifting. To make it easier for you to understand that, we can say that you should never install, or try to operate a garage door in Greenfield automatically – using an electric opener- if the door is not working perfectly when you are trying to use it manually.
So if there is something wrong with the garage door itself, for example?: If one of the springs snapped, if the pulleys or the drums are broken or lose, or if the springs are not adjust, it affect the way your garage door opener behave, and to you it may look like the opener cannot lift the door. So whenever you are experiencing an issue operating your garage door using the electric opener, whether it is a Liftmaster commercial operator, or any other brand of garage door opener in Greenfield Wisconsin, contact a local garage door company to fix the door for you, whether it is a garage door opener issue, or a problem with the garage door mechanism.

Commercial roll up gate Greenfield Wisconsin

You may own a commercial overhead door in Greenfield, or a commercial rolling gate in Wisconsin, and you may have maintained and services them on time, using the services of a garage door technician in Greenfield, but even the best commercial garage door in Greenfield can stop working sometime. There are many factors that can affect when and what part of the garage door will need to be repaired:

  • Where the overhead door is installed?
  • How often the rolling gate is being used?
  • How old is the overhead door?
  • When was the last time and how often it is maintained?
  • Did someone hit the overhead door with a car or a track?

No matter what the reason is that force you to contact a garage door company in Greenfield Wisconsin to come and fix your door, there is one thing you should do whenever a problem appear: Stop using the door, and try to avoid walking bellow it, until a garage door repairer will examine the door, fix the problem, and make sure it is safe for use. Again, whether it is a rolling gate, a commercial overhead garage door, or a roll up door, do not use it before it will be fixed.

Commercial roll up door repairs Greenfield

Emergency commercial garage door repair Greenfield

We know that facing a broken garage door is never a pleasant experience, and when the case is a commercial overhead door it can even get worst. To help you get your commercial garage door working again ASAP, Greenfield WI Garage Door Repair offer Emergency commercial garage door repair services in Wisconsin. Because garage door repair is what we do, and in order to become the best garage doors company in Greenfield, we need to do it best.
There is no need to put yourself at risk, or to try to force the overhead door to work, Greenfield WI Garage Door Repair can come today, even within hours, and make the door work again. If you are located in Greenfield Wisconsin, you are local to us, which mean we can probably send a technician today, and make sure the door will work again.
We can fix 90% of the overhead doors in Wisconsin on the spot. And if we do not carry the parts to fix it on the spot, we will perform a temporary repair, and return later with the parts which are needed to complete the repair.

Our Garage Door Services in Greenfield

  • Same day commercial garage door repair in Greenfield.
  • Emergency commercial garage door service in Wisconsin.
  • Garage door maintenance services in Greenfield Wisconsin.
  • Commercial garage opener repair or installation in Greenfield.
  • Commercial overhead door spring repairs in Greenfield.
  • New commercial garage door installation in Greenfield.
  • Industrial Overhead door repairs.
  • Roll up gate repairs Greenfield.
  • Service for all overhead door brands.

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